Understand Your Genetic Health


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iPathology has entered into an agreement with NeoGenomics Laboratories (10D2031805) in order to offer our patients the most up-to-date and best in class Genetic Testing Services available. NeoGenomics is a national network of high-complexity clinical laboratories, licensed by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) as well as the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA); specializing in genetic cancer diagnostics, prognostics and predictive testing to empower the best possible care for our patients.

iPathology will reference over 650 major testing methodologies, including Flow Cytometry, FISH, cytogenetics, and targeted or broad-panel DNA and RNA based Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for tissue based and liquid biopsy testing of solid tumor and hematologic cancers. Our Pharma patients will benefit from NeoGenomic's state-of-the-art molecular technology, ranging from whole exome sequencing, whole transcriptome sequencing, HLA typing, and high-order multiplexing. iPathology will reference these qualified and medically necessary samples to NeoGenomics and/or another contracted CLIA-licensed reference laboratory based on the patient's and Board Certified Laboratory Director's criteria to seek out the answers to cancer's never-ending questions and deliver hope and better futures for those living with cancer.


Hereditary Cancer test analyzes several genes associated with hereditary cancers to determine your chances of having a predisposition to developing cancer based on your genetic profile. Finding out early if you have a genetic predisposition to developing cancer could save your life.

Pharmacogenomic Test analyzes several genes associated with medication metabolism (the body’s way of processing medication) to determine if you have a predisposition to experience adverse reactions, including allergic reactions, or a lack of response to medication, based on your genetic profile. Pharmacogenomic testing can help your physician determine the right medication and dose for you.