Distinguished Medical Staff

Team of Board-Certified Pathologists

pathologist viewing a slide

iPathology employs a distinguished medical staff of Board-Certified Pathologists that specialize in several different fields of pathology. Through employing a variety of pathologists, we allow each of our clients the ability to choose the perfect pathologist that is right for them.

All pathologists can tailor their readings and verbiage to your specifications, while providing direct communication in the reporting of abnormal results that require immediate attention.

To share in your commitment to your patients, iPathology guarantees that each specimen is processed and cared for as a STAT case, and diagnosed within 24 hours. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, every positive result is reviewed by, at least two Board-Certified Pathologists.

  Meet Our Team of Pathologists


  Ross Wheeler, M.D.

  Hideko Kamino, M.D.

  Jack N. Gay Jr., M.D.

  Ann Church, M.D.

  Scott Schlauder, M.D.

  Vladimir Vincek, M.D.

GI and Urology Pathology

  Ross Wheeler, M.D.

  Jack N. Gay Jr., M.D.

  Jeanne Ackerman, M.D.