STAT Cases

All Cases Treated Like STAT Cases

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To share in your commitment to your patients, iPathology guarantees that each specimen is processed and cared for as a STAT case and diagnosed within 24 hours. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, every positive result is reviewed by at least two Board-Certified Pathologists.

Please view the Daily Workflow of how iPathology is able to Provide 24-Hour Turnaround Time to all of our Clients.

To expedite your results, Final Diagnostic Reports are distributed via remote printing, auto-fax, online viewing, and/or courier delivery. Any one of these methods can be used, or a combination of several, to provide physicians around the world with the same service as local clients.

iPathology clients can now receive their Final Reports on their cell phones.

All iPathology reports are stored securely on a web-based server, which you and your staff can obtain access to from any location with internet access – including smart phones.

We are currently in the process of developing a proprietary smart phone “app” that will send a message to our physicians’ cell phone instantaneously following a positive cancer diagnosis. The App will then allow the physician to click on a button to view an electronic PDF version of that respective report.